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Background: Abe Sapien’s origins are unknown. He was found unconscious in a water-filled casket in the basement of St. Trinian’s Hospital in 1978, with no memory of how he came to be there. The casket was labeled with the term “Icthyo Sapien” (hence ‘Sapien’) and the date April 14th 1865 (the date of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, hence ‘Abe’). After being decanted he was picked up by the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, an organization dedicated to studying and combating occult threats. The scholar Professor Brutenholm took him in and was one of the few people to treat him as more person than tool. At the time Brutenholm was also caring for Hellboy, a demon from another dimension who came through an interdimensional portal as a baby in 1944. Abe and Hellboy quickly bonded. They are as close as brothers and refer to each other as ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’. Like Hellboy Abe chosen to defend humanity against the things which go bump in the night and became a member of the BPRD. A later addition to their group was Liz Sherman, a pyrokinetic who carried on a romantic relationship with Hellboy. Their pair are his closest friends, and for the most part his only companions.

In order to avoid public attention Abe and his friends most of their non-working time inside the underground BPRD facility. Their existence is unknown to the public (until the second movie) and their organization has been a closely guarded secret since its creation during the second world war. His past remains unknown.

Physical Appearance: Abe looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon scaled back to adorable. He is pale blue with darker blue/black stripes along his arms and chest, and his body is relatively thin and lithe. Abe’s hands and feet are webbed, although his fingers are still very flexible, and there is stretchy webbing in the area under his arms running down to right above his elbow He has gills along his neck and pursed pink fish-like lips that have a hard time changing shape to express emotion. His eyes are large, dark and almond-shaped with eyelids on the sides rather than top and bottom. In addition to his freakish appearance, Abe’s movements don’t look completely natural. His hands especially have a habit of either darting about or moving gracefully slow rather than remaining still at his sides. When on land for extended periods he wears a breathing apparatus around his neck to keep his gills hydrated, as well as a set of goggles. His official BPRD uniform is a wetsuit with a utility belt. On the shoulder and belt buckle are emblems of a hand holding an upraised sword.

For human AUs, he looks like Doug Jones.

Personality: Since Abe has spent so much of his life isolated from the non-BPRD populace, he does not have the complete set of social skills that most people do. He is friendly and very polite (a virtue when dealing with supernatural beings), but making new friends is a problem. He is comfortable with other 'freaks' and BPRD agents, but around outsiders he becomes a bit shy and awkward. His appearance contributes a lot of this, as to most people he is a fishman first and a person second, and he is rarely given a chance to take the understanding any further.

Even among allies Abe tends to take a passive role. He is happy to give advice and factoids to the point of being annoying but it is rare he speaks up against the designated leader after the decision has been made unless it is a matter of intense importance. If he is actually handed the reins or left to himself, he usually errs on the side of caution in strategy. However, his curiosity can sometimes overcome his caution and leave him vulnerable.

Abe is very much an intellectual, to the point of being an occult geek. His fish tank is adjacent to a library and he has a habit of reading four books at once. He adores new books and gadgets, and when his life isn’t in danger his reaction to monsters is less of fear and more of intrigued curiosity. On occasion he may simply start rambling on a subject that is currently fascinating him, ignoring the fact that no one around him has any interest in what he is saying. Abe isn’t snooty about his intelligence but he isn’t ashamed of it either, knowing that he serves an important role in the BPRD even without his unique abilities.

Abilities: Due to his fishy nature, Abe can swim quickly and breath underwater through gills on the sides of his neck. However, staying out of water for extended periods makes him uncomfortable, and he prefers to wear the the breathing apparatus if he expects to be out for more than a few hours.

Abe also has a “enhanced frontal lobe” that gives him psychometric abilities. He can read information about objects or people psychically by touching them, although he cannot directly read minds. He can even do it by accident if his hand happens to slip across something. However, he knows that most people are a little creeped out by it so he tries to allow others their privacy, or to not mention he found out their secrets.
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[By morning Abe's curled his lanky, flexible body into a little ball in the bathtub. It's warm and quiet up here, at least compared to the open air of the traveling carnival, and Abe finds it hard to wake himself up. It's not his tank, but he's not entirely sure that if he were to peep his head over the rim of the tub he'd find that Charles and Raven have vanished into the ether.]


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